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Savetrees™ is the coating solution to reduce base-weight of paper with several advantages:
1) Saving cellulose;
2) Saving trees;
3) Saving the planet;
4) Saving money.


The cost
of cellulose

Today only a part of paper is cellulose

Paper is notoriously made of cellulose, but cellulose is the higher cost for paper manufacturers and the environment.
To make paper we need good cellulose, we need good cellulose, so good trees.
What if we could reduce the amount of cellulose needed?



basis weight

A story from the shopfloor

Our client replaced successfully a 180gsm paper with the 130gsm version of the same paper thanks to one of our products with Savetrees™.
Savetrees™ increased the original stress-cracking resistance (and stiffness) of the paper of +92%.



Like all our products, Savetrees™ is made by nature

All our products are inspired by nature and sourced from nature.
All our products are made to be easily recycled and biodegraded.
All our products are made with food grand materials or food ingredients.

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