Packaging can finally be totally biodegradable and recyclable, plastic-free and fluorine-free, thanks to Papkot's paper coating.

Fully biodegradable

Paper is a biodegradable material.

Papkot has no effect on the paper's natural biodegradability; in fact, papkot makes your packaging truly biodegradable.

As a result, it's home compostable.

Fully recyclable

Papkot coated papers have a recyclability rate of 99.9% according to the most advanced European tests.

Circular economy: full steam ahead!

Fluorine free

Do you know that almost all current "paper packaging" contains fluorine molecules to help it resist water and grease?

Fluorine is extremely hazardous!

Papkot performs as well as Capstone, Solvera, and other PFOA-based coatings while avoiding the use of this hazardous chemical!

Plastic free

Did you know that you can make plastic out of oil, lettuce, milk, or seaweed? It's not just a pity, but it's also dangerous.

But, in the end, who cares?

No bio-based or oil-based plastic is used by Papkot.

"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth.
We are all crew."
Marshall McLuhan


Delivering coatings to help replace plastic or other hazardous chemicals in packaging with something that is totally biodegradable and recyclable in order to minimize packaging's environmental impact and carbon footprint.


CPG firms, paper converters, and paper and packaging manufacturers who want to make their goods more circular and sustainable. What's better.
Gravure, flexography, or silk? Anything is OK!

Do you know that Papkot technology can save 1 .3 billion tons of Carbon Emissions per year?

This is our commitment for 2040

This is the packaging of the future

This is a rough result of industrial trials.
Yes: it's transparent.

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