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Are Papkot™ products certified as safe for food contact?
Papkot is a type of ceramic whose active ingredients are reported by FDA and BFR 36 their positive lists (food grade). That means a food contact agreement for Papkot™.
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How do you make sure that the Papkot™ coating layer on the paper does not separate from the base?
The special Papkot™ ceramic is chemically adhering to paper, crosslinking with each cellulose molecule. That means a definitive link until the start of the recycling process or biodegradation process will easily prevail on this link.
How long does the material take to fully decompose?
In most cases, the coated paper decompose in the same timeframe than uncoated paper.
Can Papkot™ treated paper can be printed? Does it affects colours?
Yes, the surface tension allows usual printing process without affecting colours.
Is the coated paper mouldable?
Yes, it is mouldable.
Do you think consumers will pay extra for sustainable packaging?
According to research by Trivium Packaging and the BCG, nearly three-fourths (74%) of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging.
Is Papkot™ a patented solution?
Yes, Papkot™ is a patented solution.
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