We promise

To significantly reduce packaging CO2 emissions and achieve a circular economy.

2040 is tomorrow, we need to act today.
Papkot2040 is a commitment, a way of life, a philosophy.

Our 4 building blocks:

Neutralizing global aviation
CO2 emissions by removing Plastic from Packaging

Durable, energy-efficient economy starts with a design revolution. Removing plastic by design means removing emissions.

Plastic warms the planet twice as much as aviation.

Papkot allows paper to replace plastic in packaging.
Paper has a carbon footprint lower than 25% compared to plastic!

So Papkot can allow to remove up to 1,300 million tons of CO2 per year of the 2,700 million tons of CO2 which of plastic is responsible, while aviation pollutes "only" for 900 tons.
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to biodegrade

We all deserve a life of improved health, increased wealth and more abundance...without compromise.
We just need to create the right "materials" to enable this reality

Papkot is pioneering an unprecedented packaging solution, designed molecule by molecule, to serve a prosper human life with no harm for the planet.
We strive for well-being and prosperity.
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Recyclable by essence

This is Tom and Jerry.
They both look like normal pizza boxes, but actually, Tom is only partially recyclable (40%) and ONLY IF it doesn't get dirty, which is quite unlikely when it's a pizza box.

Jerry is coated with Papkot, that makes the packaging an unconditionally 100% recyclable material.
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Sourcing from waste
becomes a no brainer

We’re ultimately committed to sourcing all of our raw materials from 100% recycled and renewable materials

Because making doesn’t have to mean taking from the planet
Photo by Emmet from Pexels.
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"Only companies that act like commodities are the ones who wake up every day with the challenge of how to differentiate."
Simon Sinek

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